Natural Gas Choice - Choose Your Gas Marketer in the AGL Utility Market

Natural Gas choice in Georgia was enacted in 1998. But it really focuses on one company — Atlanta Gas Light Company or AGL. Here’s information on AGL, your Georgia Natural Gas choices, and how to start/stop service with AGL.

About Atlanta Gas Light

Atlanta Gas Light provides natural gas delivery service to more than 1.6 million customers in Georgia. They have been in operation since 1856, making them one of the oldest corporation in the state of Georgia. They are the largest natural gas distribution utility in the Southeast.

In 1998, Atlanta Gas Light decided to open its market territory under the Natural Gas Competition and Deregulation Act of 1997. Since then, AGL has been a “pipes-only” gas company.

Under deregulation, you’ll choose a Natural Gas Marketer to supply your gas. They’ll also issue your bill. And on your natural gas bill, you’ll see charges for your natural gas supply, and charges from AGL for your natural gas delivery.

Natural Gas Choices – AGL Natural Gas Market

If you live in the AGL utility area and need natural gas service for your home, you’ll need to pick from one of the certified natural gas marketers in the stated. These are natural gas companies that can supply your gas.

Certified Natural Gas Marketers include: Georgia Natural Gas, Infinite Energy and Xoom Energy, among others. Here are natural gas rates in your area.

Natural Gas Rates Near You (AGL)

Provider Plan Name Term Rate per CCF
Constellation Energy Constellation 12 Month 12 64.90 ¢ Details
Constellation Energy Constellation 36 Month PowerPlug 36 64.90 ¢ Details
Constellation Energy Constellation 36 Month 36 69.90 ¢ Details
Constellation Energy Constellation 24 Month 24 74.90 ¢ Details
XOOM Energy Sure Lock 12 12 82.90 ¢ Details
XOOM Energy Rescue Lock 12 12 86.90 ¢ Details
XOOM Energy Sure Lock 24 24 86.90 ¢ Details

Shop Natural Gas Marketers in Georgia

GA Natural Gas Service Near Me – Who to Call?

Deregulation can be confusing. Who do I call for what?

But if you live in the Atlanta Gas Light natural gas area, it means that AGL is still your gas company. They handle the infrastructure. If you need to set up a new meter or add an appliance to your home, you call AGL.

And, while AGL delivers the natural gas to your home, you need to purchase your Georgia natural gas supply from a certified natural gas marketer. The gas marketer will send you the monthly natural gas bill. You will also contact the marketer if you are moving and need to start/stop service.

Here’s a reference list of who to call to start/stop service if AGL is your gas utility company:

  • Start New Service (no Meter): Atlanta Gas Light
  • Start New Service (has a Meter): Gas Marketer
  • Transfer Service: Gas Marketer
  • Stop Service: Gas Marketer
  • Install a new appliance: Atlanta Gas Light
  • Remove Meter: Atlanta Gas Light

Basically, if it involves the physical structure of your natural gas, such as a pipe or a meter, that’s Atlanta Gas Light. It it’s something that can be done without physical interaction, with the flip of a computer button, that’s your natural gas marketer.

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