Editorial Guidelines

At NaturalGasPlans®, our priority is to educate consumers about natural gas competition and customer choice. We write content and provide easy-to-use shopping tools to help customers make smart choices and find the best natural gas plan to meet their needs for their home or business.

While we have partners that advertise on our site, they do not control our content. Our articles are designed to provide helpful content to let consumers like you make informed decisions about their natural gas. The recommendations and reviews conveyed in our content are the opinions of the author alone, and have not been influenced by the advertiser in any way.

We research, fact check and include links to relevant sources. Then we check our content before it’s published, evaluating it based on three questions:

  1. Is it useful?
  2. Does it answer the question?
  3. Is it easy to understand?

How we select natural gas providers for our site

All providers aren’t created equal. And that’s why we don’t work with every natural gas supplier out there. Here are some of the factors we consider when selecting partners for our site:

  • Unique selling proposition – Do they offer something different?
  • Brand name – Is it a recognized brand?
  • Management personnel – Who’s running the company?
  • Regulatory reputation – What’s their complaint history with the local utility commission?
  • Company tenure – How long have they been in the market?

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