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Spark Energy Offers Michigan Natural Gas Customers Competitive Rates and Excellent Customer Care

  • Written By: Kelly Bedrich

  • Spark Energy (NASDAQ: SPKE) was created in Houston in 1999 and has become one of the most trusted retail energy providers in the United States.

    Its swift company growth has resulted in a large, publicly traded company, offering independent retail energy services. Spark Energy works with consumers across 90 different utility delivery areas in 18 states, providing natural gas and electrical service to more than 600,000 commercial and residential customers across the country.

    Connected to Their Communities

    Spark Energy is dedicated to helping the communities it works in, and the company proves it by offering affordable and flexible natural gas energy solutions.

    In addition, the Michigan natural gas supplier takes part in a wide variety of local programs designed to promote stronger neighborhoods and cleaner environments. The team is particularly interested in partnering with organizations that share their ideals with an emphasis on improving the quality of life for children and military veterans, as well as for encouraging and helping to build up the companies of local and future entrepreneurs.

    The Best Natural Gas Choices for Michigan Customers

    Many Michigan natural gas customers have already chosen Spark Energy to be their natural gas supplier.

    Spark Energy has earned the respect and trust of countless communities by putting stellar customer service and a strong connection to the citizens in each of its neighborhoods. As proof of its dedication to customer support, it was awarded the Retail Provider of the Year award in 2015 by Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC.

    The Customer is Always First

    The entire company culture at Spark Energy revolves around making sure its customers have the best possible experience every time they interact with any of their employees.

    To Spark, customer service isn’t just having a knowledgeable person answering the phone every time a customer calls to ask a question. At Spark Energy, the entire way of doing business has a customer-centric base. The high bar that’s set for every employee has resulted in a culture of innovative and imaginative thinkers. Every Spark Energy employee is encouraged to come up with new and different ways of doing their job that results in exceeding customers’ expectations, every time.

    One look at the company record will show how well this policy is working. Eighty-one percent of all first calls in to their agents results in a satisfactory resolution. This means its customer care agents are finely skilled at improvising, adapting, and finding creative solutions to any problem a customer may have.

    Everyone knows that customer satisfaction is a great indicator of how well a company is doing. The energy provider industry as a whole has a 72 percent satisfaction rating, but Spark Energy beats that handily with a sparkling 83 percent customer satisfaction average.

    A Wide Ranging and Growing Energy Provider

    Spark Energy is one of the fastest growing energy providers in the country. They serve natural gas customers in fifteen states and electricity customers in eleven states using eight brand names which include Spark Energy, CenStar Energy, Electricity Maine, ENH Power, Major Energy, Oasis Energy, Provider Power Mass, and Respond Power. Its broad service area as well as their finely-tuned customer service policy combine to offer natural gas provider customers a unique and satisfying experience.

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