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  • Written By: Shannon Bedrich

  • DTE Energy (formerly MichCon or Michigan Consolidated) is a Detroit-based energy company that serves 1.2 million customers in Michigan. DTE Energy is one of the deregulated natural gas utilities in Michigan. You can choose to keep DTE Energy as your supplier or choose an Alternative Gas Supplier. Either way, DTE will deliver natural gas to your home, read the meter, send your bill, and respond to emergencies.

    Natural Gas Choice at DTE Energy Utility

    If you are a gas utility customer of DTE Energy, you can choose your energy supplier under the Natural Gas Customer Choice Program. When you do so, you are making a choice to take control of your natural gas bill. You can secure a fixed rate for your MI natural gas. This protects you from future price spikes.

    When you have DTE Energy as your supplier, you pay the utility rate, which is their cost of natural gas. Your rate will fluctuate monthly.

    Here are some of the alternative MI gas supplier offers that you can consider.

    Gas Supply Rates in DTE Energy Market

    Plan Name Term Rate per CCF
    XOOM Energy SureLock 12 12 35.90 ¢
    Direct Energy Live Brighter! 9 9 36.90 ¢
    Direct Energy Live Brighter! 12 12 38.90 ¢
    XOOM Energy RescueLock 12 12 39.90 ¢
    Direct Energy Live Brighter! 18 18 42.90 ¢
    XOOM Energy SureLock 24 24 43.90 ¢

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    DTE Gas Subsidiary

    DTE Gas purchases, stores, transmits, distributes, and sells natural gas to more than 1.2 million Michigan customers.

    The company operates and owns 278 natural gas storage wells, which is about 34 percent of the entire underground working capacity in the state of Michigan. Michigan has more gas storage capacity than any other state in the country. DTE Gas was founded in 1849, and has grown to be one of the largest natural gas utilities in the country.

    DTE Energy Natural Gas Provider Options

    Because of natural gas deregulation, DTE Gas customers have additional options when choosing their natural gas plan.

    DTE offers Gas Customer Choice (GCC), which is a program approved by the Michigan Public Service Commission. With this plan, customers can choose their own natural gas supplier.

    If customers choose to stay with DTE Gas as their provider, they don’t need to do anything. If they want the option of changing providers, customers can find a list of suppliers from the Michigan Public Service Commission.

    DTE Energy is a Proud Provider for Michigan Customers

    DTE Energy is based in Detroit, Michigan, and aims to be a leading force for development and growth in the more than 450 communities in which it serves.

    The company is constantly striving to find new ways to make a positive impact, including volunteering, philanthropy, and economic progress. With more than 10,000 employees in the state, DTE Energy is a major employer in the state.

    DTE Energy Provides Support Across the State

    DTE Energy not only provides natural gas services for a large number of Michigan customers, it also donates funds and volunteers to help the communities in which it serves.

    Some of the programs DTE Energy works with are:

    • Youth Employment Foundation, which provides year-round and summer jobs for hundreds of young adults in a number of Michigan communities.
    • Greening initiatives that support recycling and widespread tree planting work.
    • Holiday Meals on Wheels, which provides over 18,000 meals for needy citizens during the holidays.
    • The Thanksgiving Day parade and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, providing entertainment to millions of Michigan residents, young and old.

    DTE Energy Provides for Michigan Citizens in Multiple Ways

    Along with its website and friendly customer service staff, DTE Energy offers a free mobile app to help customers keep up to date with their accounts.

    This useful app allows you to make a payment right from your mobile device, and it also keeps you updated on any local outages, allows you to report downed power lines, track restoration progress after a storm, compare your bill histories to help conserve energy, and even pay someone else’s bill anonymously in a pay-it-forward plan that other utility companies would do well to copy.

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