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  • Written By: Shannon Bedrich

  • Michigan Gas Utilities (MGU) is an established company that’s been providing natural gas to Michigan consumers since the 1800’s. Today, this Michigan company has 174,000 customers across southern and western Michigan. If Michigan Gas Utilities is your utility company, you can choose your MI natural gas supply under the Natural Gas Customer Choice program.

    Gas Customer Choice – Michigan Gas Utilities

    Under deregulation of MI natural gas utilities, you can choose your natural gas provider. You can choose to stay with Michigan Gas Utilities for your supply. If you do that, you’ll pay the gas cost recovery charge, which changes monthly.

    Many Michigan residents prefer to lock in a secure fixed rate by choosing a natural gas supply company. These suppliers are all licensed and approved by the Michigan Public Service Commission. An alternative gas supplier can offer you a fixed rate plan. That gives you price certainty and security.

    Here’s a list of alternative gas suppliers you can choose from.

    A Michigan Natural Gas Provider That Fits With Your Lifestyle

    When Michiganders choose Michigan Gas Utilities as their natural gas provider, they aren’t just picking a rate plan or price point—they’re choosing a company that lives its values every day.

    Every one of their employees is dedicated to treating customers in a way that fits in with those values, which include:

    • Safety
    • Integrity
    • Reliability
    • Inclusion
    • Diversity
    • Customer focus
    • Sense of urgency
    • Financial discipline
    • Personal responsibility for results

    Each employee is empowered to do what it takes to make sure your experience is a pleasant one, every time you deal with Michigan Gas Utilities.

    A Michigan Provider Dedicate to Choice

    The first step in managing your home energy costs is to understand your rate options and the price you pay for natural gas.

    Since deregulation, Michigan consumers have the right to choose their service provider. You’ll still have the same reliable service, but the rate you pay for your natural gas can change, depending on the provider you choose.

    With the Michigan Gas Choice program, you can choose your natural gas supplier from a list of available companies, provided for you by the Michigan Public Utilities Commission. Research the list and compare it to your current rate. If you find a supplier that offers a rate that fits in with your budget better, the new supplier and Michigan Gas Utilities will coordinate to make the switch for you.

    Of course, if you’re happy with your service and don’t want to research any choices, don’t do anything. The company will continue to deliver natural gas just like always.

    Rebates and Programs Available for Michigan Customers

    Michigan Gas Utilities has partnered with Efficiency United to offer programs to help homeowners reduce energy use as well as rebates for energy-efficient purchases.

    Customers can get rebates on certain ENERGY STAR® natural gas appliances, including the purchase and installation. The company offers a home performance program that includes online energy audits and HVAC rebates for natural gas systems.

    In addition, customers who need to weatherize their homes in order to save money may be eligible for free weatherizing products and installation services, if they fall within income guidelines.

    An Energy Company That Serves Michigan Consumers

    When consumers choose Michigan Gas Utilities as their natural gas provider, they’re doing more than simply choosing a rate plan or billing amount.

    They’re partnering with a company that works in their community and strives to help improve their local and state environment. The company’s environmental principles guide them in all their actions, encouraging them to embrace sustainability and to use energy wisely.

    Between its green initiatives and multiple rebates for energy-efficient residential customers, Michigan Gas Utilities is the environmentally responsible utility for all concerned Michiganders.

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