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  • Written By: Kelly Bedrich

  • SEMCO Energy Gas Company is a regulated public utility with headquarters in Port Huron, Michigan.

    SEMCO delivers natural gas to about 300,000 customers, including residential, commercial, and industrial accounts. SEMCO’s service territories are all over the state of Michigan. In the southern half of the Lower Peninsula, the energy company covers areas around Battle Creek, Albion, Niles, Holland, Port Huron, and Three Rivers. The company’s also in the eastern, central, and western parts of the state’s Upper Peninsula.

    SEMCO Energy Gas and Michigan Customer Choice Program

    SEMCO Energy participates in the Michigan Natural Gas Customer Choice Program. Under this program, consumers can continue to buy their natural gas supply from SEMCO Energy. Or, they can lock in a fixed rate natural gas supply rate with an alternative gas supplier.

    Either way, SEMCO Energy continues to deliver gas to your home.

    You can compare MI alternative gas supplier rates online.

    SEMCO Energy History

    In February of 1951, SEMCO Energy got its start as the Southeastern Michigan Gas Company.

    The Michigan gas company immediately switched from manufactured gas to natural gas. The firm then acquired the Albion Gas Light Company in 1953, and continued to operate in this form for the next few decades.

    The firm was renamed SEMCO Energy in 1997, splitting into three separate entities and acquiring many smaller companies shortly thereafter. Today’s SEMCO Energy is a leader in the field of natural gas vehicles, as well as in supplying energy to hundreds of thousands of Michigan residents.

    SEMCO built the first fueling station for these cars in Michigan in 1991, then another in its home base of Port Huron, with more planned to follow.

    Doing Good for Local Communities

    As a vibrant, active member of its community, SEMCO Energy Gas Company is involved in a wide variety of charity and community help organizations.

    The Food Bank of South Central Michigan, combined with the Feeding America national campaign, has long been a recipient of SEMCO’s generosity. The company donates yearly in an effort to help get rid of hunger in Michigan’s poor neighborhoods.

    THAW, or The Heat And Warmth Fund, is dedicated to helping provide low income families and individuals with emergency energy assistance. The organization also advocates for long-term solutions to energy problems in the community. Since its first days, THAW has helped more than 175,000 Michigan families and individuals.

    Saving Money for Customers

    SEMCO Energy is dedicated to helping customers to save money and reduce energy waste.

    The company’s Efficiency UNITED Program provides customers the opportunity for rebates and benefits for energy-saving solutions. Customers installing EnergyStar appliances are eligible for rebates for every one they install.

    With the Home Performance Rebates, homeowners can receive rebate checks when they make their homes more energy-efficient, or when they replace their old heating and cooling systems. Homeowners can receive the discount even faster by having SEMCO send it to their contractors. The rebates apply to services such as insulation, windows, air sealing, water heating systems, and HVAC replacement.

    Qualified homeowners and renters can receive benefits from the Energy Efficiency Assistance Program. The program provides weatherization products and services to low income customers. The results are updated systems that are more efficient, saving money for the customers while saving energy to help the environment.

    The easiest way to save energy is by making small changes in everyday life, and SEMCO Energy’s free online energy audit shows customers where to start. This tool looks at how each individual customer uses energy in their home, and gives suggestions on how to go about decreasing natural gas usage on a daily basis.

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