Natural Gas Bill

4 Reasons to Switch Natural Gas Plans

Natural gas is the clean fuel that heats millions of homes across the United States.

Throughout most of America’s modern history, consumers were required to pay their gas bill no matter what the utility charged — the cost was just a fact of life. But since gas deregulation, consumers in certain states have the power to choose their own gas supplier. Having the ability to choose a gas provider means that consumers can shop for and select a gas plan with the best rate and contract length to meet their needs. Some providers even offer perks for picking their plans like gift cards or airline miles.

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the states that has adopted natural gas deregulation, it makes a lot of financial sense to take a look at your gas plan a few times a year to find out if you’re paying more than you should be.

It’s a competitive business, so other companies may offer a much lower rate than the one you’re currently paying.

If your contract is expiring soon, it’s the perfect time to research natural gas rates and plans. You’ll never know until you shop around to see if moving away from a familiar plan with your current gas provider is the best move to make. Changing plans won’t make a bit of difference in the way your natural gas is delivered or in the quality of natural gas you receive. The only difference you’ll see is on your bill, and in your wallet at the end of the month.

Here are some great reasons to consider changing your natural gas provider soon:

1. Get a Fixed Rate

If you’ve ever gotten a gas bill that was surprisingly high, you may have been the victim of fluctuating gas prices.

If you have a variable rate contract, the rate you pay will change monthly. The rate moves with the volatility of the gas market which is tied to weather, supply, demand, and a number of other factors, none of which you have control over. If you switch to a fixed rate plan, you know you’ll be getting the same energy rate each month with no surprises.

Your bill is still impacted by your usage, so your bill will go up when it’s cold outside because you’re running the furnace more. At least you won’t get the double whammy with a fixed rate contract since your gas rate won’t be affected by seasonal price fluctuations.

2. Get a Better Rate

The most popular reason for people to change their natural gas provider is to get a better rate and save money.

One or two cents per unit of natural gas might not seem like a lot, but it can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings over the course of a year. Providers generally change their prices every month. It only makes sense to check out the competition once or twice a year to find out how much money you can save. What looks like pennies at first glance can add up quickly and may be enough to pay for a vacation next year if you pick the right plan.

New customers typically get the best rates. Some providers also offer special pricing for veteran and active military personnel.

3. New Customer Incentives

What if you’ve looked and don’t see much of a difference between rate plans right now?

If your current contract is about to expire, it may still be worthwhile to switch providers. The business is so competitive that almost all providers offer nice incentives to tempt potential customers into signing up for new contracts.

Even if the rates are about the same for most companies in your area, it’s likely you’ll find some providers offering perks such as: reward point programs, airline travel miles, loyalty rewards for future bill credits, or smart thermostats that help you conserve energy. These incentives can add up nicely over time.

4. Improved Customer Service

Natural gas providers are in such a competitive business that it would be natural for them to go overboard with the customer service, but that doesn’t always happen.

Bad customer experiences happen everywhere, and that includes in the retail natural gas business. If you’ve had a bad experience with one provider, there’s no reason to stay and suffer when you’ve got so many other choices.

Switching Gas Providers Made Easy

If you decide to switch natural gas providers, the only difference you’ll notice will be on your bill when you’re paying a lower rate for something you use everyday. You will not lose natural gas service because the same utility that’s always delivered your gas will continue to deliver your gas. No one will need to come to your house to change out equipment. The same meter you’ve always had will continue to work the same way.

At we make switching easy with advanced search features that allow you to pinpoint the exact gas plan you need in no time.