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Spring Cleaning for Your Gas Appliances

  • Written By: Shannon Bedrich
  • Edited By: Rebecca Bridges

  • Spring cleaning is the perfect time to schedule some maintenance for your gas appliances.

    Spring cleaning is not just about tidying up your living space; it’s also the perfect time to perform maintenance on your gas appliances to maintain efficiency and safety.

    In this article, we’ve compiled a list of common gas appliances and maintenance tips, covering everything from your cooktop and oven to your water heater and outdoor equipment.

    Maintenance Checklist for Gas Appliances – Spring

    Cooktop/Oven. After cooking hearty winter meals, it’s time to clean your oven and stove. Make sure to check the burner channels for your cooktop, usually hidden underneath removable ceramic disks. Clean these with a pipe cleaner soaked in diluted dish soap. Check the cooktop flame for each burner. It should burn blue. If it’s showing yellow flames, it’s not burning gas efficiently and you may want to contact a service person.

    Furnace. Your furnace must be tired after a long winter of heating your home! Before turning your HVAC system to cooling, change out your air filter and consider having your duct work professionally cleaned. Then, mark your calendar for a furnace tune-up in the fall.

    Dryer. Natural gas dryers are the most energy efficient option for your home. Maintenance in this area is less gas related, more safety related. Check your dryer exhaust duct to ensure there’s not a build-up of flammable lint. Simply disconnect the clamp holding your exhaust duct in place. Then use a vacuum cleaner attachment to clean out the ductwork and the outside vent.

    spring cleaning for your dryer includes cleaning the dryer vent.

    Water Heater. Spring is a great time to flush your water heater. This process removes any sediment from your tank, which may have accumulated from minerals in the water. That lets your water heater do its job more efficiently.

    Gas Fireplace. Check the seal on your fireplace flue, and consider adding an insulated barrier for the spring. This keeps air conditioning inside your home, instead of letting it escape up the chimney. Protect your rooftop fireplace vent from nesting birds by installing chicken wire or a chimney cap.

    For all outside gas appliances (grills, firepits, pool heaters) check the gas line connection to ensure it hasn’t been damaged over the winter due to freezing conditions. Use the soap bubble test. Simply mix 1 teaspoon dish soap with 1 cup of water. Brush the solution onto the gas pipe connection. If you see bubbles, you have a gas leak.

    Grill. It’s grilling season! With a natural gas grill, you’re ready for grilling anytime, without the hassle of propane tanks or charcoal. After the harsh winter, clean the burners and replace any rusted parts.

    gas firepit adds to landscaping

    Firepit. Cool spring evenings are the perfect time for an outdoor gas firepit. Check for any signs of rust or cracking and confirm the burners are clean before using this element of your outdoor landscaping.

    By following these simple steps, you can keep your gas appliances running smoothly and enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained home.

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