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Shannon Bedrich, co-founded NaturalGasPlans in 2016 to help simplify the process of shopping for home utilities. A CPA and our CFO, Shannon is the one that looks at all the fine print on each gas plan. Outside of work, Shannon enjoys spending time with family, rooting for the Aggies, and exploring all that Houston has to offer.

What are AGL Pass-Through Charges?

If you use natural gas in Atlanta, Decatur, Savannah or other areas served by Atlanta Gas Light (AGL), you’ll see AGL Pass-Through Charges on your bill.

These pass-through charges have a complicated calculation. And at times they may seem to have little to do with how much natural gas you’ve actually used!

Once you understand what’s included in the AGL Pass-Through Charge or Base Charge, you’ll be better able to make sense of your bill.

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Renter’s Guide to Shopping Cheap Natural Gas Plans

When it comes to apartment natural gas bills or natural gas in your rental home, there are only a few things you can control. Your landlord has chosen the furnace and other appliances in your building, so replacement for more efficient models is out of the question.

But, you can focus on the two things you can control. First, your choice of natural gas supplier, to get a low rate. And second, your natural gas usage, to keep your bill low. Here’s information on both.

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4 Reasons to Switch Natural Gas Plans

Why switch natural gas plans? Savings, incentives and service are just some of the reasons.

With natural gas deregulation, many consumers can choose their natural gas company. Consumers can shop for and select a gas plan with the best rate and contract length to meet their needs. Some providers even offer perks for picking their plans like gift cards or airline miles.

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A Brief History of Natural Gas Deregulation

Federal and state governing bodies have been regulating public utilities since the 1930s.

These regulations have been important as far as the forming of the natural gas distribution infrastructure that we have in the United States today. Over the past 80 years, there have been a number of regulations made to create the system we have today for transactions between utilities and their customers.

Although deregulation has changed many of the rules, two things remain the same: federal regulation of the commerce between two states is the responsibility of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC, and the regulation between utilities within a state are handled by the state’s Public Utilities Commission.

Customers benefit from natural gas deregulation because it brings competition which leads to the lowest rates possible in a market. Learn more about natural gas deregulation and how it evolved to what it is today.

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