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Natural Gas Appliance Rebates – Cash Back from Local Utilities

  • Written By: Kelly Bedrich
  • Edited By: Shannon Bedrich

  • Shopping for new natural gas appliances? Check with your natural gas utility company first. Many local gas companies offer rebates for new natural gas appliances. These funds encourage people to install more efficient gas appliances. And that in turn reduces natural gas demand and carbon emissions.

    In most cases, these rebate programs are funded by local rate payers like you. That means you’ll get some of the money back that you’ve been paying all these years!

    Below we review the main categories of gas appliances in the home, and then we list rebates available in your area.

    List of Home Appliances That Run on Natural Gas

    You may be surprised at the number of appliances that can run on natural gas in your home. Natural Gas appliances include:

    • Furnace
    • Water Heater
    • Clothes Dryer
    • Range and Oven
    • Fireplace
    • Grill
    • Fire Pit
    • Outdoor Lighting
    • Patio Heaters
    • Swimming Pool Heater

    Note: Rather than attempting to convert an existing electrical appliance to gas, we recommend shopping for a new natural gas appliance. If you do convert an existing electrical appliance to gas, make sure to work with a licensed plumber.

    OH Natural Gas Appliance Rebates

    When you’re looking to save on your OH natural gas bill, you have a few options. You can lower your usage, you can shop for a lower natural gas rate or you can look to install more energy efficient appliances.

    Your local Ohio utility company offers these rebates.

    Columbia Gas of Ohio Appliance Rebate Program

    Columbia Gas of Ohio has a full energy efficiency program, including athese rebates.

    Furnace: Receive a $300 instant rebate for a 96% or higher Energy Star certified natural gas appliance

    Boiler: Get a $350 instant rebate for installing a 90% or higher Energy Star certified natural gas boiler.

    Water Heater: Get a $50 instant rebate for installing an Energy Start certified water heater with an energy factor over .67. Or get even more back with a tankless water heater.

    You can find a full list of Columbia Gas of Ohio energy efficiency programs online.

    Dominion East Ohio Appliance Rebate Program

    Dominion Energy Ohio‘s energy efficiency program includes a Home Assessment for just $25 (or $75 if you want them to install a Nest Thermostat E while they are there.) During the assessment, they’ll evaluate your whole home and identify where you could save on your energy bill, including eligibility for rebates.

    Their appliance rebates are focused on just one gas appliance:

    Gas Furnace: Get a $200 rebate when you install a gas furnace that has an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating of 92% or higher.

    However, if the home check reveals an issue, you could also get rebates toward attic insulation, wall insulation, exterior door replacement and window replacement, up to a total of $1,250.

    GA Natural Gas Appliance Rebates (AGL)

    Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) is the largest natural gas utility in Georgia. Here are their available AGL natural gas appliance rebates.

    Water Heater: You can receive a rebate of $400 (traditional water heater) or $500 (tankless water heater)

    Furnace: Receive a rebate up to $1000 depending on the type of furnace or heat pump you install.

    Dryer: Get a $200 rebate when you change your dryer to natural gas.

    These rebates are only available when you convert from electric or propane to natural gas. Rebates do not apply if you are replacing a current natural gas appliance with a new, more efficient model.

    AGL is a unique natural gas market, since the utility does not supply natural gas, they just deliver it to your home. If you are looking to save on your natural gas bill, make sure you compare natural gas rates in Georgia to get the best rate for your home.

    Michigan Natural Gas Appliance Rebates

    Below are natural gas appliance rebates for the two biggest gas utilities in Michigan.

    DTE Energy Natural Gas Appliance Rebates

    DTE Energy has rebates available for both electric and natural gas customers. Here are some of their natural gas appliance rebates:

    Furnace: Upgrade to a high efficiency furnace and get rebates up to $900. Or, get a tune-up for your existing furnace from an approved contractor and get a $75 rebate.

    You can also save on your heating bill when you upgrade your insulation ($125 rebate) or your windows ($15 per window).

    Consumers Energy Natural Gas Appliance Rebates

    Consumers Energy offers a number of energy efficiency rebates including these appliance rebates:

    Water Heater: receive a rebate on your water heater when you work with an approved contractor.

    Furnace or Boiler: Receive rebates from $200 to $600 depending on the type of gas heating system you install.

    Thermostat: Get a $50 rebate when you install a wi-fi enabled thermostat.

    Save on Natural Gas Bills by Maintaining your Appliances

    Not sure if you can afford a replacement? You can extend the life of your appliances and help cut your natural gas bill by following these how-to tips:

    Maintain a natural gas furnace

    Maintain a natural gas fireplace

    Maintain a gas water heater

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