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Best Fixed Rate Natural Gas Plans in Ohio

  • Written By: Shannon Bedrich

  • Shopping for a Fixed Rate Natural Gas plan for your Ohio home? That’s a great step to taking control of your natural gas expenses. Here’s how to avoid the bait and switch of a variable rate plan, and why locking in a fixed price for your natural gas is the way to go.

    Why a Fixed Rate Natural Gas Plan is the Best Choice

    A fixed rate gas plan is the best option for your Ohio home. Here’s why:

    • Your rate will no longer change monthly based on the wholesale price of natural gas.
    • You can budget more reliably since you’ll know your rate per unit of gas .
    • You can protect yourself against the winter spike in natural gas prices.

    When you have the standard offer rate from your utility, your rate is based on the wholesale price of natural gas plus an adder that’s set at auction. You find out what your price will be at the end of the each month. That doesn’t give you much time to plan your budget.

    With a fixed rate natural gas plan, your price will be locked in for the term of your agreement. That gives you the ability to budget for your natural gas costs. It’s especially important going in to winter!

    How to Find the Best Fixed Rate Natural Gas Plan in Ohio

    There are multiple natural gas providers in Ohio. But finding the best natural gas plan in Ohio is easy when you use NaturalGasPlans.com. We teach you how to shop for natural gas in Ohio.

    We carefully review natural gas providers before we add them to our website. And we review their natural gas plans to make sure we only feature the best offers. Just enter your zip code to start shopping:

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    Why Variable Rate Natural Gas Plans in Ohio are a Bad Deal

    We’ve heard from a lot of natural gas customers in Ohio. They contact us after they make the wrong decision and buy a variable rate natural gas plan in Ohio.

    That’s because variable rate natural gas plans offer crazy cheap natural gas prices up front.

    But that’s the problem.

    They offer a cheap natural gas rate for only 1 or 2 months. You buy it thinking it’s a great deal. But you didn’t read the fine print. And that fine print says your gas price can change “with unlimited variability at the sole discretion of <XYZ Supplier>.”

    That means: after the first month or two, they’re going to charge you whatever they want to charge you.

    Their hope is that you’ll visit their site for a fixed rate natural gas plan and get tricked. You’ll see the “special offer” and “promotional rate” that they feature on the landing page. You take the bait. And then they hope you forget about it after a month or two of a cheap price. Then they raise your price through the roof.

    Unless you plan on changing your natural gas supplier every month (which is pretty hard to manage), shopping for the best fixed rate natural gas plan is your best bet for natural gas in Ohio.

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