Ohio PUCO Natural Gas Utilities

Ohio utility companies provide the transmission and distribution of natural gas to your residence or business. You can choose your gas supplier and save on your gas bills.

Columbia Gas of Ohio

Columbia Gas of Ohio is the largest natural gas utility company in the state, serving about 1.4 million commercial, residential and industrial customers across Ohio. The company is owned by NiSource Inc (NYSE: NI).

Headquartered in Columbus, this Ohio utility company offers reliable natural gas service plus home energy services. If Columbia Gas of Ohio is your natural gas utility, you can shop for a competitive supplier.

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Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy (Dominion East Ohio) is a natural gas utility company in Ohio serving over 1.2 million customers. They are your natural gas utility if you live in Cleveland, or north eastern Ohio. If Dominion Energy is your gas utility, you can choose your natural gas provider, or stay with the utility and pay their variable rate.

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Duke Energy Ohio

Duke Energy Ohio is part of the larger national Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK), which provides power services in Florida, Kentucky, Indiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Ohio. Duke Energy Ohio has approximately 840,000 commercial, industrial, and residential customers, all based in the southwest part of Ohio. If Duke Energy is your Ohio gas utility, you can participate in Gas Customer Choice, and choose your gas supply company.

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Vectren Energy Ohio

Vectren Energy Ohio supplies natural gas to over one million customers in Ohio and Indiana. In 2019, they were acquired by Centerpoint Energy. Vectren Energy is the utility to almost 20% of Ohio, mostly in the west central area.

And if Vectren Energy Ohio is your gas utility company, you have a choice in who supplies your natural gas.

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