How to Shop for Natural Gas in Georgia

It’s easy to switch your natural gas supplier in Georgia, with no change to your reliability or safety.

In this article, you’ll learn how to choose a natural gas supplier, and how switching to a competitive natural gas supplier can save money and give you price certainty. You’ll also learn how how Atlanta Gas Light sets their natural gas prices.

Natural Gas Deregulation in GA

Natural Gas has been deregulated in the Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) service area since 1998.  This means that you can buy your natural gas supply separately from your natural gas delivery. AGL continues to send your monthly bill, respond in case of an emergency, and deliver gas to your home. The Certified Natural Gas Marketer you select becomes your supplier, and is shown as a line item on your bill.

The Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) oversees certification of natural gas suppliers, and the overall utility distribution framework. To obtain a certificate, a supplier must demonstrate to the Commission’s satisfaction that it has the financial and technical capability to sell or offer to sell natural gas within the state.

Can I choose a Certified Natural Gas Supplier?

If you live in the Atlanta Gas Light service area, you can choose a natural gas supplier for your gas. This includes areas like:

  • Atlanta
  • Marietta
  • Alpharetta
  • Savannah

Here’s a county map of the AGL Service Area, if you are not sure if AGL is your utility.

Benefits of Switching Natural Gas Supplier in GA

There are two big benefits to switching your natural gas supplier in GA:

  1. Cost — Certified Natural Gas Suppliers will purchase fixed price gas contracts in advance in the wholesale trading markets, instead of taking whatever price is in the current (or spot) market. Locking in a fixed natural gas rate with one of these suppliers means that you can typically save money versus the AGL rate.
  2. Stability — With Atlanta Gas Light, your natural gas rate changes constantly, based on the price of natural gas in the market. With a Certified Natural Gas Supplier, you’ll typically lock in a fixed price contract, guaranteeing a fixed gas price for a certain amount of time.

Why Compare GA Natural Gas Rates?

If you do not shop for natural gas in the AGL area of GA, your natural gas is provided by Atlanta Gas Light, at the market price. Your rate will change every month based on market conditions. If you use natural gas for heating, your hot water heater, dryer and other appliances, this can make it hard budget for your natural gas expenses.

That’s why we recommend comparing GA natural gas rates and shopping for a fixed rate plan for your natural gas supply.  A fixed price gives you price certainty, so you can budget and avoid the gas bill surprise.

How to Choose A Gas Supplier in Georgia

The Georgia PSC compiles and publishes monthly natural gas rate charts for consumers. Natural Gas Marketers submit their current prices to the PSC by the 5th of each month for publication. These rates may change during the month, so you would have to visit each supplier’s web site to check current prices. The PSC compiles this information in an excel chart, showing fixed rate, variable rate and senior citizen offers.

It’s a nice try … but cumbersome for most consumers. There are also a lot of plans and providers to sort through. takes the guesswork out of shopping for natural gas. We work with a small number of quality natural gas suppliers, and only show a limited number of the best natural gas plans. Currently, we only offer fixed rate plans, because that’s what we recommend for the best customer experience. You can select standard plans, plans that offer extra “stuff” or plans that donate to charity.

The first thing to do is grab a copy of your natural gas bill from Atlanta Gas Light. You’ll need that for 2 things:

  1. Your current natural gas price (so you can tell if you are going to save money by switching your natural gas supply)
  2. Your account information

Once you have that, it’s easy to compare electric plans and shop.

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your zip code.
  3. View Plans and select the one that meets your needs.
  4. Click and connect to the supplier site to complete your enrollment.
  5. Done!

Your new supplier will take care of all the details to make the switch seamless. The switching process may take from one to two billing cycles, depending on the date of your next meter read.

Will I get Two Bills when I Switch?

Atlanta Gas Light will continue to send you your natural gas bill. After you switch, your new supplier will be a line item on your bill from Atlanta Gas Light.

What if I Move During my Natural Gas Contract?

The Georgia Natural Gas Market is one of the few markets that allows you to take your natural gas contract with you when you move. Just contact your Natural Gas Supplier and they will help you. Don’t want to take your contract with you, or moving to an area outside AGL? No worries. Just let your supplier know you are moving, and contact AGL to stop your service. Your supplier will automatically waive your early termination fee when you notify them that you are moving out.

How Do I Know the Reputation of the Supplier?

The Georgia Public Service Commission publishes a Natural Gas Marketer Scorecard every month. The Scorecard lists the number of complaints received from the public on each marketers. Complaints are grouped based on billing, service and deceptive marketing tactics. includes a profile of each natural gas supplier that we feature on our site. We only work with the most reputable suppliers, to give you peace of mind.

What if I Change My Mind?

Georgia state law gives you three days to change your mind and cancel your order without any penalty. Our goal at is to give you enough information to make an informed, educated decision.

Thanks for learning along with us.  Happy shopping!