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How to Shop for Natural Gas in Georgia

  • Written By: Rebecca Bridges
  • Edited By: Shannon Bedrich

  • It’s easy to switch your natural gas supplier in Georgia, with no change to your reliability or safety.

    In this article, you’ll learn how to choose a natural gas supplier, and how switching to a competitive natural gas supplier can save money and give you price certainty.

    Natural Gas Deregulation in GA

    Natural Gas has been deregulated in the Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) service area since 1998.  This means that you can buy your natural gas supply separately from your natural gas delivery in Georgia.

    AGL continues to manage the gas pipelines in your area, respond in case of an emergency, and deliver gas to your home. And you’ll have an AGL Pass-Through Charge on your bill.

    The Certified Natural Gas Marketer you select becomes your supplier, and in most cases will be the company that sends you your natural gas bill. AGL becomes a line item on your bill, for your delivery charges.

    The Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) oversees certification of natural gas suppliers, and the overall utility distribution framework. To obtain a certificate, a supplier must demonstrate to the Commission’s satisfaction that it has the financial and technical capability to sell or offer to sell natural gas within the state.

    Current Natural Gas Prices in Georgia

    Provider Plan Name Term Rate per THERM
    Gas South Gas South Variable Rate (Month to Month) 1 29.00 ¢ Details
    Gas South Gas South Fixed Rate 24 24 69.00 ¢ Details
    Gas South Gas South Fixed Rate 12 12 65.00 ¢ Details
    Gas South Gas South Fixed Rate 6 6 65.00 ¢ Details
    XOOM Energy XOOM Energy Sure Lock 24 24 51.90 ¢ Details
    Constellation Energy Constellation 36 Month 36 59.90 ¢ Details
    Constellation Energy Constellation 24 Month 24 57.90 ¢ Details
    Constellation Energy Constellation 12 Month 12 49.90 ¢ Details
    XOOM Energy XOOM Energy Rescue Lock 12 12 52.90 ¢ Details
    XOOM Energy XOOM Energy Sure Lock 12 12 48.90 ¢ Details

    Shop Natural Gas Prices in Georgia by Zip Code

    Can I Choose a Certified Natural Gas Supplier?

    If you live in the Atlanta Gas Light service area, you can choose a natural gas supplier for your gas. You have natural gas choice in Georgia if you live in areas like:

    Here’s a county map of the AGL Service Area, if you are not sure if AGL is your utility. Or, just enter your zip code above to see if you can shop for natural gas.

    Types of Natural Gas Plans in Georgia’s AGL Market

    When you are shopping for a natural gas supplier for your Georgia home, be aware of the different types of competitive natural gas plans offered by marketers.

    Fixed Rate Plan: Your contract with your natural gas supplier gives you the same price per therm every month for a certain period of time. A fixed rate plan usually includes an early termination fee if you break the contract before the term expires. However, you’ll have a rate that won’t fluctuate over time.

    Variable Rate Plan: Your price per therm can change from month to month based on market conditions. This can be an excellent strategy when natural gas costs are declining. However, your supplier has no obligation to lower your price when the market costs change. And you have no protection against natural gas price increases.

    Introductory Rate: An introductory rate plan will have a lower price for the first 3 months, then a higher price after that. Your effective rate will end up higher than you expected.

    When you use to shop for your gas, you will always find the type of electricity plan clearly marked. If it’s an introductory rate, we’ll call that out, and include the post-introductory rate in our description.

    With most providers, you will also pay a monthly Customer Service Charge (CSC). This charge can range from as low as $3.95 to as high as $9.95. It can make a difference in your natural gas bill.

    And, Fixed Rate and Introductory Rate plans will have an Early Termination Fee if you decide to end your contract early. If you move during your contract, you can either transfer your natural gas plan with you, or you can cancel your agreement without penalty, by providing proof of your move.

    What are the Benefits of Switching Natural Gas Supplier in GA?

    If you are in the AGL natural gas territory, you must choose a natural gas supplier.

    But that doesn’t mean you have to stay with them. There are some real benefits to shopping for a new supplier and switching your natural gas supplier in Georgia:

    Lower your natural gas rate: When you shop for a new natural gas supplier in Georgia, you should look for the lowest available natural gas rate for your home.

    Get free stuff: Who doesn’t like free stuff? Some plans include a free Next thermostat or security camera.

    Support a charity: Some natural gas suppliers in Georgia support local pet charities by donating a percentage of your monthly bill.

    How to Choose A Gas Supplier in Georgia

    The Georgia PSC compiles and publishes monthly natural gas rate charts for consumers. Natural Gas Marketers submit their current prices to the PSC by the 5th of each month for publication. Great, you can just check the prices there. But, those prices can change at any time during the month.

    The PSC compiles this information in an excel chart, showing fixed rate, variable rate and senior citizen offers. But you can’t shop from this excel sheet!

    It’s a nice try … but cumbersome for most consumers. There are also a lot of plans and providers to sort through.

    Other resources for shopping natural gas, like Clark Howard Natural Gas Guide, only update their recommendations for cheap natural gas once a quarter!

    That’s why takes the guesswork out of shopping for natural gas.

    We work with a small number of quality natural gas suppliers, and only show a limited number of the best natural gas plans.

    Currently, we focus on fixed rate plans, because that’s what we recommend for the best customer experience. You can select standard plans, plans that offer extra “stuff” or plans that donate to charity.

    Here’s a step by step on how to compare natural gas companies to get the best price for your natural gas.

    Time needed: 10 minutes

    How do I compare Georgia (AGL Market) natural gas companies?

    1. Get a copy of your natural gas bill.

      Review the bill to find your AGL account number and current rate. You should also see what your contract expiration date is.

    2. Enter your zip code online at

    3. View natural gas plan details.

      Review the price per therm (unit of gas), the monthly Customer Service Charge and the cost recovery fee (early termination fee).

    4. Select your plan.

    5. Complete your enrollment.

    Your new supplier will take care of all the details to make the switch seamless. The switching process may take from one to two billing cycles, depending on the date of your next meter read.

    Will I get 2 Bills for My Natural Gas in Georgia?

    No. You will get a single bill from your natural gas marketer. AGL will be a line item on your natural gas bill.

    What if I Move During my Natural Gas Contract?

    The natural gas market in Georgia is one of the few markets that allows you to take your natural gas contract with you when you move. Just contact your Natural Gas Supplier and they will help you.

    Don’t want to take your contract with you, or moving to an area outside AGL? No worries. Just let your supplier know you are moving, and contact AGL to stop your service.

    Your supplier will automatically waive your early termination fee when you notify them that you are moving out.

    Are there Supplier Reviews for Natural Gas Providers in Georgia?

    The Georgia Public Service Commission publishes a Natural Gas Marketer Scorecard every month. The Scorecard lists the number of complaints received from the public on each marketers. Complaints are grouped based on billing, service and deceptive marketing tactics. includes a profile of each natural gas supplier that we feature on our site. We only work with the most reputable suppliers, to give you peace of mind.

    How Long Does it Take to Switch Natural Gas Suppliers in Georgia?

    Your switch to your new natural gas supplier can take one to two billing cycles.

    If you sign up by the 19th day of the month, your switch will be effective on the 1st day of the next month. If you enroll after the 19th day of the month, your switch may not become effective until the following month.

    For example, if you switch providers on May 20th, your new rate will take effect July 1. If you switch providers on May 15th, your new rate will take effect June 1.

    I’m moving in Georgia. How do I Set up Natural Gas for My Home?

    If you are moving within the AGL service territory, you can take your current natural gas supplier with you. Just contact them or go online to request a Transfer of Service.

    If you are moving into the AGL service territory, you can pick your new gas supplier and set up your gas service up to 60 days ahead of your move.

    Pick your natural gas supplier using the “How to” above. When you are on your provider’s site, you’ll pick “start new service.”

    Can I Cancel My Natural Gas Enrollment in Georgia?

    Georgia state law gives you three days to change your mind and cancel your order without any penalty. Our goal at is to give you enough information to make an informed, educated decision.

    Thanks for learning along with us.  Happy shopping!

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