Switching Natural Gas is Easy

How to Switch Natural Gas Suppliers

  • Written By: Kelly Bedrich

  • Want to switch natural gas suppliers? If your natural gas bill has been high, you may be talking with friends who have already switched natural gas providers to save money. Saving money is a great motivation. But the process of switching providers to get the best price can admittedly be confusing.

    The good news is that it’s really not hard to switch natural gas providers. Whether this is your first time choosing an alternative natural gas supplier, or you’re switching from another supplier, NaturalGasPlans.com is here to make the process easy.

    Can I Switch Natural Gas Companies?

    The first question in this process is to determine if you can switch natural gas companies.

    States like Ohio, Michigan and Georgia have deregulated natural gas. That means the delivery of natural gas is separate from the supply of natural gas.

    So if you have deregulated natural gas in your area, you can switch gas companies.

    You can find a list of natural gas providers in your area by checking online at NaturalGasPlans.com. Just enter your state and zip code to see a list of natural gas companies near you.

    How To Switch Natural Gas Providers

    Switching natural gas suppliers is simple. But you need to know your options if you want to change your gas company.

    Use a natural gas plan comparison shopping site like NaturalGasPlans.com to shop for your natural gas provider. We can help you narrow down your choices and make an informed decision.

    You’ll find detailed information about every available plan. That includes any incentives or rewards that the provider offers plus rates and monthly service charges. Using the advanced search tools, you can find a great rate for the contract length that best meets your needs.

    Once you find a natural gas plan that works for you, simply click the sign up button. And you’ll be taken directly to the provider’s website to complete the enrollment process. Read the supplier’s contract in full before signing it to ensure it’s exactly what you expected. 

    In most deregulated states, like Ohio and Michigan, nothing else will change. Your utility company will continue to send your bill. Your supplier will be a line item on your bill. (From Ohio? Read more on how to switch natural gas suppliers in Ohio.)

    If you are in Georgia, your new supplier will send your natural gas bill. Your bill will include your gas supply charges and your utility charges from Atlanta Gas Light. Read more on how to switch natural gas suppliers in Georgia.

    Common Switching Questions

    Here are some of the most common questions about switching natural gas providers:

    Can I change my mind after I switch natural gas suppliers?

    If you change your mind after you switch natural gas suppliers, you can cancel. You usually have a 3-7 day grace period with no cancellation fee.

    This grace period is set by your state’s public utility commission. So every provider should have a similar policy. And you’ll find this information in the terms of service in the agreement.

    How much does it cost to switch natural gas suppliers?

    Normally, it costs nothing to switch natural gas providers. Most plans do not have an enrollment fee or activation charge.

    Here’s the catch. If you are still in a contract with your current provider, you may have to pay an early termination fee.

    But do the math. Have rates have gone down dramatically? Figure out how much you will save by switching natural gas suppliers. If the savings are more than your early termination fee, go ahead and switch!

    What if I move before the end of my contract?

    If you are in a market like Ohio and Michigan, you can’t take your natural gas plan with you. You would contact your utility to schedule a turn-off of your natural gas in your current house. And then set up gas service in your new home. Your supplier will get notice of your move. Any early termination fee will be waived due to the move.

    If you’re in Georgia (AGL) you can take your natural gas supply contract with you. You’ll contact your supplier to schedule the move and you can transfer your contract to your new home.

    You can find out more details in our article on How to Set up Natural Gas When You’re Moving.

    Do I have to contact my current provider when I switch natural gas providers?

    Switching natural gas providers doesn’t have to include break-up woes with your old company. The switching process is automated, and your new provider will take care of all the necessary notifications.

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