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  • Written By: Rebecca Bridges
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  • Looking for the best natural gas rates for your home in Toledo Ohio? That’s a smart move. Because saving on your natural gas bill is an important part of managing your household expenses. Natural gas is deregulated in Toledo. That means you can shop for the lowest gas price in Toledo and lock in a fixed rate plan.

    In this city profile, you’ll find out more about the utility company in your area, how to find the best natural gas rate for your home in Toledo and the average gas bill in your area

    What is the Gas Utility Company in Toledo Ohio?

    If you live in Toledo Ohio, the natural gas utility company is Columbia Gas of Ohio. (Note: a small portion of Toledo Ohio is served by Dominion East Ohio). Natural gas in your area is deregulated. What’s that mean? You can choose your energy supplier.

    You can choose to stay with your utility for your natural gas supply. If you stay with the utility for your natural gas supply, you pay the Standard Choice Offer (SCO). That’s a price that changes monthly. So you never know how much your natural gas bill will be.

    Or if you shop for a gas supplier in the list of gas companies that serve Toledo Ohio , you can get a fixed rate plan. That protects you from rate changes and gives you more stability.

    No matter who supplies your gas, your utility is who you contact to start or stop service or in the case of a gas emergency. And they issue your bill every month. Your supplier appears as a line item on your bill.

    Best Natural Gas Prices in Toledo Ohio (Columbia Gas)

    Plan Name Term Rate per CCF
    Ohio Natural Gas® Variable Rate with Discount 1 43.90 ¢
    Santanna Energy Services Preferred 12 Month 12 50.51 ¢
    Ohio Natural Gas® 12 Month Fixed Plan 12 55.90 ¢
    Ohio Natural Gas® 24 Month Fixed Plan 24 57.90 ¢
    Ohio Natural Gas® 18 Month Fixed Plan 18 57.90 ¢
    XOOM Energy SureLock 12 12 58.90 ¢
    Direct Energy Live Brighter 8 8 59.90 ¢
    Ohio Natural Gas® 12 Month Fixed Plan with Greener Life 12 59.90 ¢
    Direct Energy Live Brighter 12 12 61.90 ¢
    XOOM Energy RescueLock 12 12 61.90 ¢
    Direct Energy Live Brighter 18 18 64.90 ¢

    Shop for Best Natural Gas Rates in Toledo Ohio

    How to Find the Cheapest Natural Gas Prices in Toledo Ohio

    Most people who say they want the best natural gas prices mean that they want the cheapest.

    Time needed: 10 minutes

    How to find the cheapest natural gas prices in Toledo Ohio

    1. Get a copy of your most recent gas bill.

      You’ll need this for 2 reasons. First, you’ll need your account number on the front of the bill. Second, you’ll want to confirm if you have a current supply contract.

    2. Enter your zip code.

      Enter your zip code on NaturalGasPlans.com to view current gas rates in Toledo.

    3. Select “Fixed Rate” for the type of plan.

      Always look for a fixed rate plan for your natural gas. Variable rates can change monthly with no upper cap. And introductory rates usually go sky high after 3 months.

    4. Compare the price per CCF.

      Look at the price per CCF. That’s how much you will pay per unit of gas. Select the cheapest available gas price.

    5. Complete your enrollment.

      Complete your enrollment for the natural gas plan you have selected.

    What’s the Average Natural Gas Bill in Toledo Ohio?

    The average home in Toledo Ohio uses 1510 CCF of natural gas annually, based on data from Columbia Gas of Ohio. The price you pay for your gas per CCF will depend on who you pick as your supplier.

    An average home in Toledo uses 125-140 CCF of natural gas per month. Your price per CCF will depend on who you pick for your supplier. If you do nothing, you will pay Columbia Gas’ standard choice offer, a variable rate.

    Choose the cheapest natural gas supplier in Toledo, based on the rate chart above. Then multiply that by the average monthly usage to get the average natural gas bill in Toledo.

    When calculating your average natural gas bill, don’t forget that your gas bill will vary by month! Even with a fixed rate plan, your bill won’t be the same every month. That’s because winter bills (December through March) are considerably higher. Your winter gas bills in Toledo will account for around half of your annual gas usage. That’s because if you are like most households in Ohio, you use natural gas to heat your home (66% of homes in Ohio use natural gas for heat).

    One of the benefits of a fixed rate plan? It’s the ability to budget. Assuming we don’t have another polar vortex this year, you can assume your natural gas usage will be around the same as it was last year. To figure out how to budget for your natural gas, download your usage history from Columbia Gas of Ohio’s website. Then multiply your fixed rate per CCF times your usage each month.

    Ohio Electricity — Managing Heating Costs

    Now that we’ve covered the benefits of natural gas fixed price plans, and the best natural gas price in Toledo … let’s talk power. Because with energy choice in Ohio, you have the ability to have a fixed rate for your electricity bill too.

    If you use electricity to heat your home (and 22% of homes in Ohio do) your power bill will jump substantially in the winter. And even if you heat using natural gas, your furnace uses electricity to blow the hot air into your home.

    If you don’t shop for your electricity, you will pay the default rate from your electric utility. You’ll pay a different rate for summer and winter. And historically rates are higher in the winter.

    That’s why we recommend that you lock in a fixed rate for your Ohio electricity, in addition to shopping for Ohio natural gas.

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