Columbia Gas of Ohio delivers safe, reliable natural gas to Ohio homes and businesses.

Columbia Gas of Ohio is the largest natural gas utility company in the state, serving about 1.4 million commercial, residential and industrial customers across Ohio. The company is owned by NiSource Inc (NYSE: NI).

Headquartered in Columbis, this Ohio utility company offers reliable natural gas service plus home energy services. Columbia Gas of Ohio is proud to be a leader in innovation and energy efficiency, giving customers multiple ways to use less energy while living better lives.

Columbia Gas of Ohio History

Columbia Gas of Ohio’s history dates back to the formation of the Columbia Corporation in 1906 for the delivery of natural gas to customers in Cincinnati. In 1926, it acquired Ohio Fuel Corporation, doubled in size, and incorporated in Delaware as Columbia Gas & Electric Corporation. After expansion into other states, it later sold off all electrical subsidiaries and renamed to the Columbia Gas System, Inc in 1948.

As natural gas grew as a viable, inexpensive fuel source, demand grew greatly. By 1967 Columbia was the largest integrated natural gas system in the United States. Columbia was finally able to enter a period of less stringent regulation in the 1970s where they could increase prices in order to increase their supply to meet demand. Later as a recession hit in the 1980s, demand fell and Columbia faced financial difficulties. Columbia emerged from bankruptcy protection in 1995. In 2000, NiSource and Columbia merged to form one of America’s largest gas and electric utilities.

Areas Served by Columbia Gas of Ohio

Columbia Gas serves the central and eastern regions of Ohio. They provide gas to over 1000 Ohio communities and serve 61 of the 88 Ohio counties. Major Ohio cities that Columbia serves include Columbus, Toledo, Parma, Mansfield, and Springfield.

Columbia Gas of Ohio Ways to Save

With affordability as one of its primary goals, Columbia Gas of Ohio leads the industry in creating consumer programs that can help you save money. These initiatives include:

  • Customer CHOICE®. The Customer CHOICE® program allows small business and residential customers a way to lower their energy costs. With this innovative program, Columbia Gas of Ohio purchases its natural gas supplies from non-utility suppliers.
  • An online home energy checkup, which is a free, five-minute assessment. Customers will receive a personalized report on the energy efficiency in their home, plus custom tips on how to save energy.
  • A home energy audit, which is a comprehensive assessment of their home’s energy efficiency. This assessment will be performed by a trained energy advisor. If customers receive recommendations for energy saving appliances, they’ll get a large discount if they install these improvements.
  • WarmChoice®, a free weatherization and safety check for low-income customers. Eligible customers will receive a safety and energy inspection and, if needed, will get insulation, air sealing, furnace, and natural gas water heater repair or replacement and other needed improvements, all free of charge.
  • Product rebates on smart appliances. When you install approved energy saving smart technology such as programmable thermostats, faucet aerators and programmable shower heads, you can become eligible for an instant rebate.

Help With Payment Options

Along with a wide variety of billing plans, Columbia Gas of Ohio makes it easy for every customer to make their payments, no matter their income or lifestyle.

They offer options for paying online, on the phone, in person, or by mail. Paperless billing is a popular option for those concerned with the environment, and their budget payment plan allows customers to spread their large winter heating costs across the entire year, making it easier to fit their utility bills into their monthly budget.