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Renter’s Guide to Shopping Cheap Natural Gas Plans

  • Written By: Shannon Bedrich
  • Edited By: Rebecca Bridges

  • When it comes to apartment natural gas bills or natural gas in your rental home, there are only a few things you can control. Your landlord has chosen the furnace and other appliances in your building, so replacement for more efficient models is out of the question.

    But, you can focus on the two things you can control. First, your choice of natural gas supplier, to get a low rate. And second, your natural gas usage, to keep your bill low. Here’s information on both.

    Gas Companies for Apartments and Rental Homes

    The best way to reduce your gas bill is to make sure the natural gas you buy comes at the best price possible.

    If you’ve never shopped for a natural gas provider before, you’ll be surprised at the huge difference in costs you can find between companies. Doing your homework and researching natural gas providers used to take hours, but with you can do the work in just a few minutes.

    All of the companies on this site are gas companies for apartments. They serve all types of homes.

    You’ll find listings of all the reputable, reliable natural gas providers in your area, along with all of their rate plans.

    The site also includes a wide variety of articles and blog posts that explain how rate plans work and how to figure the right one for your lifestyle.

    Natural gas companies have multiple ways to charge for their product, and the only way to get the lowest bill is to do your homework before signing up for your next natural gas product.

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    Save on Apartment Natural Gas Bill

    Once you’ve signed up for the most efficient natural gas plan you can find, there are still ways to cut that bill even further.

    Make a few of these lifestyle changes and you can find yourself saving hundreds of dollars each year:

    1. Move your furniture away from the air ducts. If your sofa or easy chair is blocking the heat from coming into your living room, the furnace will keep working harder to heat your home while the heat stays behind the furniture. Make sure the air has open access to every room in your apartment.
    2. Wear Sweaters. Take advantage of winter fashion and wear sweaters instead of turning up the heat. Snuggling under a blanket on the couch while you binge watch television is cozier, anyway. Take advantage of that great feeling while saving yourself some money.
    3. Take showers instead of baths. Your water heater is the second-highest user of natural gas. Showers use a small percentage of the hot water that baths do. Sure, treat yourself once in a while, but get into the habit of showering most of the time.
    4. Turn Down That Water Heater. Speaking of water. Assuming you have an individual water heater in your apartment, you can cut down your gas bill by lowering the temperature of the water. Think about it: when you take a shower, you have to add cold water to the hot coming out of the faucet to get it to a reasonable level, right? So turn down the temperature from scalding to a more moderate temperature!
    5. Open your drapes during the day when it’s cold outside. Allowing the sun to shine into your apartment can add a surprising amount of warmth to your rooms. Sunlight is free, so why pay for natural gas to heat the room when you don’t have to?
    6. Get a programmable thermostat. Talk to your landlord and get permission to change to a programmable wi-fi smart thermostat. Even if you have to split the cost with them, it’s worth it and adds value to their rental!
    7. Manage your thermostat correctly. If you can’t change the thermostat to a new programmable one, get into the habit of changing the temperature in your apartment twice a day. Set an alarm on your smart phone to remind you to turn down the heat when you leave for work in the morning. Then turn it back up as soon as you get home at the end of the day. A change of just 10 degrees can save you a surprising amount each month.

    Get more tips in our article, 9 Ways to Lower Your Natural Gas Winter Heating Bill, or get our free download!

    Does My Gas Supplier Contract Need to Match My Lease?

    Nope! If you can, matching up your gas supplier contract with your lease makes it easy to remember when both expire.

    But if you move out of your apartment before your natural gas supply contract is up, no worries.

    Just notify your natural gas supplier that you are moving. You can either take the contract with you to your new place, or you can cancel the contract. If you provide proof of a move, they can’t charge you an early termination penalty.

    Make sure your apartment has a Carbon Monoxide Detector in addition to a Smoke Alarm and Fire Alarm! All are required for your safety!

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