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  • Shopping for the best natural gas rates in Marietta Ohio? NaturalGasPlans.com can help you compare rates. Plus you’ll find information on the local gas utility, natural gas aggregation in Marietta, how to find the cheapest natural gas rates, and the average gas bill in Marietta.

    What is the Gas Utility company in Marietta Ohio?

    If you live in Marietta OH, the utility company for natural gas is either Dominion Energy (Dominion East Ohio Energy) or Columbia Gas of Ohio. Check your natural gas bill if you don’t know which utility you have. If you are moving to Marietta Ohio, contact Dominion Energy first; if they aren’t your utility, then contact Columbia Gas.

    But regardless of which utility you have, you can choose your natural gas supplier under the Energy Choice Ohio program. Your choices are to either stay with your utility for your natural gas supply. Or choose from the list of gas companies (suppliers) for your natural gas. No matter who you choose, you’ll continue to contact your gas utility to contact in an emergency, and they are the ones that send your bill.

    But here’s the catch. If you stay with the utility for your natural gas supply, you pay the Standard Choice Offer (SCO). That’s a price that changes monthly.

    It’s better to shop for a gas supplier to lock in a fixed rate plan. That way you are taking control of your natural gas costs. You can review a list of natural gas companies in Marietta, or just review the rates below.

    Shop for Best Natural Gas Prices in Marietta Ohio

    You can also shop for deregulated electricity plans in Marietta Ohio. Once you’ve shopped for natural gas, visit ElectricityPlans.com to shop for Ohio electricity. Marietta is served by two different electric utilities, AEP Columbus Southern Power Company and Washington Electric Co-op. If your utility is Columbus Southern, you can shop for your electricity supply

    How to Find the Cheapest Natural Gas Rates in Marietta

    For most people, the best natural gas plan is the plan that’s the cheapest. That means the lowest price per MCF (unit of gas).

    We recommend fixed rate natural plans for your natural gas choice! There are variable rates on our site, because we support your ability to choose the best gas plan for your home. However, these rates will change monthly, just like the standard choice offer. (You can read more on the types of plans in our blog on How to Shop for Natural Gas in Ohio.)

    Time needed: 10 minutes

    How to shop for the Cheapest Natural Gas Rates in Marietta OH

    1. Enter Your Zip Code.

      You can shop by zip code to find the best natural gas rates in Marietta Ohio.

    2. Pick the type of plan

      Pick from Fixed Rate, Variable Rate or Introductory Rate. We always recommend a fixed rate plan.

    3. Compare the rate per MCF.

      The rate per MCF is the charge for each unit of gas you use. But you need to look at other things too, like the early termination fee.

    4. Select Your Plan and Enroll.

      Pick the natural gas rate and plan that offers you the best rate per MCF and the lowest early termination fee.

    What’s the Average Natural Gas Bill in Marietta Ohio?

    The average natural gas bill in Marietta Ohio is for 817 MCF per month, based on information compiled by NOPEC.  The price you pay for those units of gas will vary, and depends on picking the best supplier.

    Your usage will depend on the size of your home and how you use natural gas. If you use natural gas to heat your home (and 66% of homes in Ohio use natural gas for heat), your usage will be higher in the winter.

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