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Looking for the cheapest natural gas rates for your home in Akron Ohio? That’s a smart move.

The utility in Akron is Columbia Gas of Ohio but natural gas in Akron is deregulated. So you can compare rates apples to apples to find the best price for your natural gas.

Natural gas prices are on the rise across the country. And utility rates have been climbing. Shopping for natural gas in Akron is easy. And it lets you lock in a low fixed rate instead of taking the utility’s monthly rate.

Natural Gas Rates in Akron Ohio

Plan Name Term Rate per CCF
Ohio Natural Gas® Variable Rate with Discount 1 39.90 ¢
Santanna Energy Services Preferred 12 Month 12 52.08 ¢
Direct Energy Live Brighter 9 9 54.90 ¢
Ohio Natural Gas® 18 Month Fixed Plan 18 55.90 ¢
XOOM Energy SureLock 12 12 56.90 ¢
Ohio Natural Gas® 24 Month Fixed Plan 24 57.90 ¢
XOOM Energy RescueLock 12 12 59.90 ¢
Ohio Natural Gas® 12 Month Fixed Plan 12 59.90 ¢
Direct Energy Live Brighter 12 12 60.90 ¢
Direct Energy Live Brighter 18 18 61.90 ¢
Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 12 12 62.90 ¢
Ohio Natural Gas® 12 Month Fixed Plan with Greener Life 12 65.90 ¢
Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 24 24 67.90 ¢
Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 36 36 67.90 ¢

Compare Natural Gas Providers in Akron

How to Find the Cheapest Natural Gas Prices in Akron

Here’s are the steps to find the natural gas plan with the best rates.

Time needed: 10 minutes

How to shop for natural gas plans in Akron

  1. Get a copy of your most recent gas bill.

    You’ll need this for 2 reasons. First, you’ll need your account number on the front of the bill. Second, you’ll want to confirm if you have a current supply contract.

  2. Enter your zip code.

    Enter your zip code in our natural gas comparison site to view current natural gas rates in Akron.

  3. Select “Fixed Rate” for the type of plan.

    Always look for a fixed rate plan for your natural gas. Variable rates can change monthly with no upper cap. And introductory rates usually go sky high after 3 months.

  4. Compare the price per CCF.

    Look at the price per CCF. That’s how much you will pay per unit of gas. Select the cheapest available natural gas plan.

  5. Complete your enrollment.

    Complete your enrollment for the natural gas plan you have selected.

FAQs About Natural Gas in Akron

What is the natural gas utility company in Akron?

The natural gas utility company in Akron is Columbia Gas of Ohio. Natural gas in Akron is deregulated. That means you have a choice of your natural gas supplier in Akron.

Choice 1: You can stay with Columbia Gas of Ohio supply your natural gas. You’ll pay the Standard Choice Offer (SCO). Your price will change every month.

Choice 2: Shop for a gas supplier in the list of Ohio natural gas companies. When you pick a supplier, you can get a fixed rate plan. That protects you from rate changes and gives you more stability.

What’s the average natural gas bill in Akron?

The average home in Akron uses 1510 CCF of natural gas annually, based on data from Columbia Gas of Ohio. The average monthly natural gas usage is 140 CCF. The average price for natural gas in Ohio varies depending on supplier.

Can you go green with natural gas in Akron Ohio?

Yes. The Ohio Natural Gas Greener Life plan includes carbon offsets equivalent to the natural gas you burn in your home. It’s a great way to make the environment more healthy.

How do people in Ohio heat their homes?

Around 66% of Ohio homes use natural gas for their heat. Another 22% use electricity, with the remainder using propane, wood or heating oil.

How can I budget for my natural gas bill?

Choose a supplier for your natural gas and lock in a fixed rate gas plan. Then download your usage history from the utility website. Then multiply your fixed rate per CCF times your usage each month. That way you can plan ahead. Your winter utility costs, from December to March, will be around half of your annual cost.

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