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Direct Energy Provides Ohio Customers With Affordable, Flexible, Reliable Natural Gas Plans

  • Written By: Shannon Bedrich

  • With well over five million customers, Direct Energy is one of the premier residential energy providers in the United States. They are an excellent supplier choice if you are looking for a natural gas company for your home or business.

    Direct Energy is one of the largest natural gas companies in Ohio. Their competitive products are affordable, and let you lock in a low natural gas price.

    Here are current Direct Energy gas offers, by Ohio gas utility.

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    Proud to Serve Ohio Natural Gas Customers

    Direct Energy serves many North American regions, including 15 states, the District of Columbia, and 3 Canadian provinces. 

    They offer customers a wide variety of natural gas plan options, with rates and contracts to fit every consumer’s budget. Plus they have a customer service approach that’s second to none.

    This combination gives Ohio customers the ability to choose a natural gas plan that’s affordable and fulfills their needs.

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    Leading the Way in Powering Ohio’s Natural Gas Market

    State deregulation has paved the way for Ohio business and home owners to choose their own natural gas suppliers.

    This means they’re allowed to research a wide variety of factors that combine to make the right plan for their budget and lifestyle.

    Switching your natural gas supplier is simple, cost effective, and quick. And NaturalGasPlans.com makes it easy for you to shop for competitive natural gas rates and save on your natural gas bill.

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