Duke Energy Ohio: A Customer-Focused Utility with Sustainable Goals

Duke Energy Ohio is part of the larger national Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK), which provides power services in Florida, Kentucky, Indiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Ohio. Duke Energy Ohio has approximately 840,000 commercial, industrial, and residential customers, all based in the southwest part of Ohio.

History of the Duke Energy Company

Duke Power began as a small utility company in the early 1900’s in the Carolinas.

In its early days, Duke focused its attention on creating hydroelectric power generation stations. After World War II, the company began expanding its generation capacity, and by 1965 it included its first nuclear facility, the Keowee-Toxaway Project.

Duke Power added natural gas as another of its services in 1997 when it merged with PanEnergy. The resulting company is now known as Duke Energy. Duke entered the Ohio natural gas and energy market in 2006 when it acquired Cinergy, which used to include Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. and PSI Energy Inc.

The Duke Energy Ohio Service Area

Duke Energy Ohio offers natural gas service to communities in southwest Ohio, covering an area of about 3,000 square miles. Some of the cities include the major metropolitan area of Cincinnati and its surrounding suburbs, plus Bethel, Williamsburg, Hamilton, Middletown, and Georgetown.

A Respected Utility

Duke Energy has received several well-known awards over the years, adding prestige and respect to their brand.

Recently, this Ohio utility company was recognized by the United Way in North Carolina, and was given its Power of Commitment Award. This award recognized Duke Energy’s valued community service, because of its investment in the North Carolina 2-1-1 system. The company recently received a Best Mobility Implementation Award by CS Week for its work in providing customers with automatic outage alerts.

Duke’s commitment to workforce diversity has been recognized by both Black Enterprise magazine and Daily Worth’s 25 Best Companies for Women.

With Duke Energy, You Have a Choice

You’re not stuck with one gas utility company when you live in Duke Energy’s service area.

This Ohio utility offers a Gas Customer Choice program, which allows you to research natural gas suppliers in the area and choose the company and plan that’s right for you. If you find that a different supplier is better for your budget and your lifestyle, Duke Energy will still continue to read your meter, supply the same reliable natural gas as always, do the same routine safety checks, and respond to any natural gas leak or emergency.

Duke Energy Highlights

Duke’s commitment to customer service is second to none.

The utility provides online tools such as outage maps, calculators, and lists of customer energy savings tips. The company has leveraged the power of its corporate power and infrastructure for good, giving customers more power to save energy and money.

Every winter, Duke Energy donates $100,000, and matches the same amount when customers donate, creating a HeatShare fund that helps those Ohio residents in the most need to pay their winter heating natural gas bills. The long, cold Ohio winters make it difficult for seniors and others on fixed or low incomes to keep their homes warm. With the HeatShare fund, there is money set aside to help make sure this crucial service continues throughout the season.

With the help of its parent company, Duke Energy Ohio combines excellent community service, responsible energy usage, and money saving options for all southwestern Ohio customers. This is not just a utility company, it’s also a good community member.