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Ohio Natural Gas: A Solid Choice for Ohio Gas Customers

  • Written By: Rebecca Bridges

  • Ohio Natural Gas® (ONG), one of Ohio’s premier natural gas companies, has proudly served residents of Ohio for the past 10 years with flexible plan options, exceptional customer service and outstanding perks.

    About Ohio Natural Gas

    ONG is part of SouthStar Energy Services.

    SouthStar is owned by Southern Company Gas™, a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern Company (NYSE: SO). Headquartered in Atlanta, SouthStar is proud to serve more than half a million residential, business, large commercial and industrial (LCI), and compressed natural gas (CNG) customers in numerous retail energy markets across the United States.

    SouthStar operates a number of natural gas supplier brands including: Georgia Natural Gas®, Florida Natural Gas®, Maryland Energy®, Grand Rapids Energy®, Pennsylvania Energy℠, Illinois Energy℠ and Illinois Energy Solutions®.

    For more than 20 years, SouthStar has built on the expertise of its parent company, Southern Company Gas. A history of solid financial performance and stability, as well as sophisticated in-house financial trading and risk management, has placed SouthStar in a position of leadership.

    Types of Ohio Natural Gas Plans

    NaturalGasPlans.com recommends fixed rate plans for price security. ONG offers two types of fixed rate natural gas plans:

    Traditional Fixed Rate Plans. ONG offers a variety of terms for fixed rate natural gas plans. Fixed rate natural gas plans give you the security of the same rate per unit of natural gas for the term of your agreement.

    Carbon Neutral Fixed Rate Plans. ONG’s Greener Life program lets you help protect the environment by offsetting your greenhouse gases and making your natural gas usage carbon neutral. ONG will calculate the amount of greenhouse gas your natural gas usage releases into the atmosphere and will purchase and retire carbon offsets to balance the impact of those emissions. In this way, you can feel good that your natural gas usage will be carbon neutral. Greener Life plans are fixed rate natural gas plans.

    Perks from Ohio Natural Gas

    ONG gives customers the opportunity to earn as part of their natural gas program. Customers can earn $25 VISA gift cards when they refer a friend to ONG.

    Ohio Natural Gas is currently a Delta SkyMiles partner. They are the only natural gas supplier in Ohio that lets you earn miles from Delta just for paying your natural gas bill. Just register your Delta SkyMiles number with ONG. When you pay your ONG supplier natural gas charges (excluding taxes and one time charges), you’ll earn two miles for every eligible dollar.

    This is a great offer for Ohio customers, since Cincinnati is a secondary hub for Delta Airlines.

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